Universal leather cover for the steering wheel
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Universal leather cover for the steering wheel

A cover made of high-quality natural leather - leather 100% of Polish origin - it is calfskin, which is extremely resistant to all kinds of damage and is also very easy to maintain and maintain.

The cover comes in very handy if we are going to sell the car in the future - so you won't see any wear and tear

Covers are also installed in old cars that have defects on the steering wheel, which makes driving them uncomfortable

The advantages of natural leather

The advantages of natural leather can be exchanged for a very long time. In addition to the extraordinary appearance, products made of this material have many other advantages, thanks to which they are very often at the forefront of the selected materials.

Why is it worth to bet on natural leather products?

Very easy to keep clean, requiring only wiping with a damp cloth.

Durability and resistance are the advantages that allow the product to be used for many years.

Pleasant texture and delicate softness to the touch.

Natural leather is not an allergenic factor, unlike the poor-quality eco-leather made, for example, in the Middle Kingdom

Inability to absorb nicotine smoke.

Adaptation to the temperature and humidity level of the environment.

High flexibility and susceptibility to temperature changes does not cause cracking and deformation.