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seat covers for bus BUS I, II Elegance


The cover for vans, which is made of high-quality trimmed terry, 100% from Polish factories.

carpassion elegance

This material protects the original upholstery against damage and dirt, and is often more pleasant to touch than factory finishes in our car. The product is attached with a large number of hooks and wide rubber bands that guarantee a perfect fit of the cover to the seat.

carpassion elegance

The cover can be used for both standard seats and seats equipped with airbags. Due to its specific structure,
 trimmed terry is very easy to keep clean because the short hair of the knitted fabric will not resist even weaker suction 
car vacuum cleaners and thus we can be sure that all dust will be removed from our seats.

Elegant finishes and attention to detail make our product one of the most desirable in a given category in Europe.