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Protective cover for transporting the dog „Husky”

Protective cover for transporting the dog "Husky"

Transporter, protective cover for transporting animals on the rear seat or in the trunk. 

High durability Made of lightweight and damage-resistant material. Practical, because it is easy to wash off any dirt. A car protective mat of Polish production „Husky” will cover the entire rear seat and the backrests of the front seats in your car. The mat is made of very durable eco-leather, which provides protection against hair, moisture and dirt. The cover can be easily attached to the headrests with a special attachment.

mata ochronna do przewozu psa

The side parts of the mat are designed in such a way that they also fulfill protective functions when falling down from the side of the seats. The product is very easy to assemble. Just attach it to the front and rear headrests. After folding, it does not take up much space, so you can carry it with you everywhere. After reaching the destination, the „Husky” cover can be taken out of the car along with the mud and hair left after transporting the dog. Dirt remains inside the mat, so you can easily throw it off after removing the cover. In order to remove the remaining dirt of the product, it is enough to wipe it with a wet cloth. The cover can also be used as a trunk mat. The dark colors of the cover make the product fit perfectly into the interior of each car.



We also have the option of folding the mat in half. In the case of having a smaller pet, it allows us to save a lot of space on the back seat. There are places in the cover through which the seat belts can be pulled through. This makes it easy to pin the dog.


the advantages of eco-leather:

  • cheaper than natural leather,
  • more elastic than natural leather,
  • easy to maintain and maintain,
  • waterproof, stain resistant, perfectly imitates natural skin.
  • Dimensions, L x W: 160 x 140cm product, 180cm width with mounting. Black colour