Motorcycle cover 'Protector’ – 8 configurations +48 537050808

Motorcycle cover 'Protector’ – 8 configurations


Motorcycle cover 'Protector’ – 8 configurations


„Protector” tarpaulin made of high-quality gray nylon. The material has a high grammage, thanks to which it perfectly protects against the influence of weather conditions, such as frost, rain or snow. It also protects against bird droppings or tree resin.


The product is very durable, you can use it for a long time without fear. It is attached with a solid drawstring at the front and rear wheel and a tape with a plastic buckle in the middle of the cover. Thanks to this, the tarpaulin fully adheres to the motorcycle, even in severe weather changes. In the front part of the cover (next to the wheel) there are two holes that allow for the insertion of a rope or an anti-theft chain. The cover is packed in a reusable packaging that can be placed in the glove compartment. The product is child’s play to use. You have to put it on a parked motorcycle.

vantages of orthalion:
• made of a light material resistant to any damage,
• effectively protects against rain and sun,
• it is practical because it is easy to wash off all impurities,
• just a little bit of water is enough for the material to look like new,
• dries in no time and does not absorb moisture. It is especially useful in the event of weather changes: snow, rain or dust do not stick to the smooth fiber,
• nylon can be safely washed at 40 degrees Celsius to maintain the durability of colors, appearance and shape,
• CAUTION: hot water should be avoided when cleaning as it may wrinkle the material and even damage the product.
• IMPORTANT: we put the cover on a cooled motorcycle

The product is available in 8 configurations:

Protector size S, ean: 5903678450212,10090S
Protector size M, ean: 5903678450014,10090M
Protector size L, ean: 5902596581398,10090L
Protector size XL, ean: 5902596581404,10090XL
Protector with a case size S, ean: 5903678450175, index: 10090SK.
Protector with a case size M, ean: 5903678450168, index: 10090MK.
Protector with a trunk size L ean: 5903678450182, index: 10090LK.
Protector with a trunk size XL, ean: 5903678450199, index: 10090XLK.