Leather Steering Wheel Cover
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Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The cover is a very popular product among drivers who appreciate comfort and design. The right choice of this element allows for the right feeling of the steering wheel, a more secure grip and has a great potential when it comes to visual tuning of the interior of the vehicle. Not every product in this range will be a source of satisfaction, which is worth knowing before we make a purchase. Among the wide range of options to choose from, you can find models that are poorly made in terms of technical and quality. When it comes to the steering wheel cover from CarPassion, made of 100% natural leather, we do not have to worry about the quality of workmanship or the adjustment of the product to the size. Our overlays are made of the highest quality calf leather which is extremely durable and in a rare number of sizes.

Naturalna skóra z której jest wykonana nasza nakładka jest nie tylko trwała ale i przyjemna w dotyku. Przy operowaniu kierownicą samochodową, bardzo ważna jest precyzja i dobry uchwyt, dlatego przykładamy starań aby nasze nakładki nie ślizgały się w rękach w przeciwieństwie do tanich importowanych nakładek z bardzo słabej jakości ekoskóry.


In order to perfectly match the cover, we have a very large number of sizes, starting with the smallest steering wheels of passenger cars and ending with steering wheels for buses. Many companies do not pay attention to one of the most important elements of the overlays on the steering wheel, which is how our overlay is padded on the inside. This is an element that we often don't think of when buying because we are often focused on the appearance. Our products have a poured rubber inside the cover to prevent the steering wheel from slipping in relation to the direction of travel.
Product sizes:
Size 35-37 cm index 10060, EAN: 5902596581237
Size 37-39 cm index 10061, EAN: 5902596581244
Size 39-41 cm index 10062, EAN: 5902596581251
Size 42-44 cm index 10063, EAN: 5902596581268
Size 44-46 cm, index 10064, EAN: 5902596581572
Size 47-49 cm, index 10065, EAN: 5902596581589
Size 49-51 cm index 10066, EAN: 5902596581596

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