Half Covers CarPassion
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Half Covers CarPassion

Half-cover for a car made by the Polish manufacturer CarPassion – dedicated to sedan cars made of a material that protects against frost in winter and against UV rays in summer

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The „Half” car cover is a high-quality product made by the Polish manufacturer CarPassion, which creates a wide range of car covers and various types of automotive accessories for you. The material from which the covers are made „Half” is an advanced non-woven fabric separated by a breathable foil with an admixture of specificity that allows to reflect UV rays. Very simple assembly with the use of plastic hooks, which are attached to the rims, the material they are made of does not scratch the rims. It takes 3 minutes to put on a semi-tarpaulin. „Half” from CarPassion – whoever has not, should regret who has won all those frosty days. What gives us a CarPassion semi-tarpaulin: Winter: safety – prevents the entire windshield from freezing, and not partially cleaned as usually happens in a hurry in the cold time saving – we can sleep longer in the morning comfort and inner peace – allows us to drink our morning coffee without unnecessary stress healthy hand skin – during manual scraping, our skin freezes over time, which causes redness and cracks in the long run morning coffee tastes much better In summer: protects the car paint against tree sap, thus avoiding too frequent washing of the car, which has a very bad effect on the paint coating protects our car from bird droppings that discolor the paintwork prevents fading of car upholstery visible through the glass when parked in sunny places protects rubber elements (gaskets) against exposure to the sun and thus against their oxidation and, consequently, hardening.

In winter conditions, it protects against the snow layer and, most importantly, against freezing on painted surfaces. It protects the mirrors and windows against the frost layer, the removal of which in negative temperatures can be very hard. In the spring and autumn period, it perfectly protects the car’s paint against tree sap, falling twigs and, above all, bird droppings, which are very destructive to the paint coating. Half-tarpaulin „Half” is also very often used for various types of holiday trips, it is a very useful solution when we do not know exactly where we will park our car, it is not only about weather conditions, but also to some extent about the safety of our luggage as the proverb „opportunity makes a thief” says it is worth that our luggage should be invisible from the outside. When it comes to using the cover – it is very easy to put on, it adheres perfectly to the vehicle, so we do not have to worry during strong gusts of wind. The elements of the cover assembly are a rare 1.5 cm wide durable rubber and plastic hooks, which do not expose us to scratching the rims in any way




The advantages of our covers:

Sewn with thick threads, not glued,
Strong and resistant to damage,
You can fit any car,
Durable, therefore, they serve for many years,
Made in Poland, therefore you support the domestic producer with the purchase,
Each product is in its original packaging with a label,
The cover is perfect for a gift.

The product is available in three configurations. Size L, XL and Combi.
Rozmiar L Rozmiar XL
Audi A3 Rozmiar XL: Audi A4
BMW 1, BMW 5
Dacia Sandero Opel Insignia
Opel Astra, Vw Passat
Toyota Auris Skoda Superb
VW Golf
 Toyota Auris
VW Polo
Mazda 3
Honda Civic
Skoda Fabia