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Customized individual car cover


Szycie pokrowca plandeka na wymiar dedykowana

When sewing covers for outdoor use, we use a two-layer material (a mixture of polyester and cotton)

It is a very strong, solid material with waterproof properties, characterized by a very high resistance to mechanical damage.

This material is used in the production of waterproof jackets

It is characterized by exceptional resistance to harmful weather conditions such as: moisture, rain, snow, sun rays, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

The cover can be machine washed and ironed

Available colors: Black, burgundy, dark green

carpassion realizacje indydiwudalne

When sewing covers for internal use, we use the highest quality material, it is a thin, delicate and at the same time strong material that perfectly protects the car body from dust.

It does not scratch the varnish coat

Available colors: Black, gray, white, blue, red