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Car cover / tarpaulin „Pillow”

Car cover / tarpaulin  „Pillow”

High quality car cover. Protects against snow, dust and sunlight.

The cover reduces damage caused by hail, also protects against tree sap (resin) and bird droppings.

It consists of 3 layers so we can use it all year round.

The outer layer is a durable polypropylene non-woven fabric with an admixture of granules that reflect the sun's rays.

The middle layer is a highly fluffy fabric with high elasticity that serves to minimize possible damage related to hail.

The inner layer is a soft polypropylene non-woven fabric that prevents scratches on the paintwork.


• Do not put a tarpaulin on a vehicle covered with sand, mud, etc. - risk of scratching the paint

• Do not put a tarpaulin on a freshly waxed vehicle - there is a risk of a chemical reaction

• Do not put the tarpaulin on a wet vehicle if the air temperature is below 0 degrees C - there is a risk of the product freezing to the body.

• Do not clean the tarpaulin with chemicals - washing, using pressure washers may damage the tarpaulin or its delamination.

• Keep away from children

Available sizes:

Table with car models for viewing in the photos

  • Car Cover „Pillow” sedan L 425cm – 470cm
  • Car Cover „Pilow” sedan XL 470cm – 500cm
  • Car Cover „Pilow” sedan XXL 500cm – 535cm
  • Car Cover „Pillow” M hatchback / kombi 355cm – 380cm
  • Car Cover „Pillow” XM hatchback / kombi 380cm – 405cm
  • Car Cover „pillow” XXM hatchback / kombi 405cm – 430cm
  • Car Cover „pillow” L hatchback / kombi 430cm – 455cm
  • ar Cover „pillow” XL hatchback / kombi 455cm – 485cm
  • Car Cover „pillow” XXL hatchback / kombi 485cm – 510cm

The tarpaulin is designed to protect the car from hail, dust, rain, tree sap and leaves. Do not use in the place of exposure to too high temperatures (may damage the varnish). Do not use outdoors for a long time.