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From design to production: how CarPassion automotive accessories are made in Poland

CarPassion is a 100% Polish brand and company. Our products are designed and manufactured in Krakow. It is here that we have a production hall, warehouses and offices. As a Polish manufacturer of automotive accessories, the process of creating our products consists of several key stages:









1. Design phase: The first stage is the development of product designs based on the expectations and needs of our potential customers. In this phase, we specify the functionality, appearance and materials from which our accessories are made. The project must be technically and aesthetically refined to ensure high final quality








2. Creating a new product pattern: In the second stage, we create a new product pattern that is checked in terms of strength and aesthetics. If the pattern is accepted, we smoothly move on to the next stage.

3. Mass production: In this stage, we create many copies of a given product. All elements must be carefully cut, which is a process that requires precision and skill. After cutting, the materials are laminated to ensure their strength. Then we sew, during which we connect the individual elements of the product. It is important that the sewing process is thorough and that the materials are firmly bonded to ensure the strength and durability of the product.

4. External transport of semi-finished products to seamstresses: Depending on the scale of production, semi-finished products can be sent to external sewing companies to speed up the production process. Then the transport of semi-finished products must be carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with logistic procedures.

5. Quality Control: In the last step, each product is thoroughly quality checked to ensure it meets our high standards. Among other things, they are checked seams, fasteners, durability and aesthetics of the product. Any product that does not meet our requirements is rejected and defective items are replaced with new ones.